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Black Cartoon Characters

9th of September 2022

Black Cartoon Characters

       This series of prints of Black Cartoon Characters are re-imagined to have textile African tribal patterns and symbols in their clothes to show the different African influences that African Americans adopted in an attempt to feel a connection to their unfamiliar African roots. With a Malian, Bogolanfini background to tie the series together. 

         With wildly different cultures, fabrics, symbols, and patterns, the continent of Africa boasts a rich history. Black Americans, just as proud as the rest of the diaspora, had no specific culture to claim after a systematic stripping by the US slave system to make obsession that much easier. Black Americans pull from many different Black African cultures to show their pride. Often seen in Black American Homes are Egyptian and Adinkra symbols, Malian fabrics, masks, and drums from all over the continent. 

        Black cartoon characters are representations of Black American children and bring about great nostalgia in the black community. Across a wide range of Networks, different animators and creates brought these characters to life and ushered joy and fun into our homes, and made icons out of black voice-over actors. 

        These 8"x 10.6" fan art prints are available for sale as singles or in a pack. They are the perfect gift to yourself or a friend that enjoyed cartoons growing up. 

Original design: Jim Jinkins, Craig Bartlett, Paul Germain, Joe Ansolabehere, Mr. Warburton, Klasky Csupo, Bruce W. Smith

Photography/Videography: Oliver James


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