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Prayers for Peace

27th of August 2018

Prayers for Peace

      During these troubling times, we are all suffering and asking for favor and peace from a higher power. There is power in prayer, peace, and unity. We are all praying for peace of mind, peace in our heart, in our home, for our nation, and for the world and that should unite people with different religious beliefs, not divide us. 

      While this series is a first for The Artist Oliver James, using text in her art, it is very much on trend with her thought-provoking, artistic activism style. This series of prayers are from different religions and are in different languages to bring light to the reality that we are all trying to find some peace here on earth as we find our way to a higher power and person or groups of people should be persecuted, oppressed, or discriminated against for their religious beliefs.


      These recycled shipping pallets are (roughly) 48 x 40-inch, using stencils, acrylic spray paint, and paint markers these prayers of peace have pops of gold and silver.   

Design: The Artist Oliver James


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