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Dentzel Carousel Mural

22nd of May 2021

Future History Now 
Dentzel Carousel Mural

    Jahru and Julia asked me, along with a team of the other DMV artists, to help paint and teach youth artists to bring to life a mural on the grounds of Glen Echo Park that will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Park’s Dentzel carousel. The mural depicts and celebrates the carousel as a place of fun and childhood memories, as well as its role in history as part of the Washington, D.C. civil rights.

    In 1960, a group of Howard University students staged sit-ins at the park and were arrested for riding the carousel in protest of the segregation policies. The case was taken to the Supreme Court and the students’ efforts led to the park’s desegregation. 

   I have always loved working with Future History Now. FHN is a wonderful non-profit organization that brings together teaching and youth artists to provide a safe space to nurture creative thinking and self-expression for the youth of the greater Annapolis area. 

   The design of the mural was created by Jeff "Jahru" Huntington and painted in partnership with Future History Now and Glen Echo Park. Thank you to Glen Echo Park Arts, Community Bridges Inc, and Identity Inc. Gratitude to the FHN Teaching Artists Luther Wright, Jay F. Coleman, supporting cast Emily Rogers, Dianne Shenton, and media crews, WTOP News, Montgomery Magazine, Good Morning Washington, and NBC Washington. 

Please visit Future History Now to donate and learn about other youth projects.

Design: Jeff 'Jahru' Huntington

Photography/Videography: Oliver James Studios, Jahru

Photography:Youlee Nishimura



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