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RESPECT. Installation Art Camp

2nd of July 2021


       In this one-of-a-kind summer art camp, artist Nikki Brooks and I taught young artists of installation art. The installation of the word RESPECT was a collaborative piece of work installed in an outdoor public space in Annapolis.⁠ Kids ages 8-11 learned from and were inspired by the famous street, and installation artists, working collaboratively using mixed media and sculpture techniques all while having discussions about community, culture, and identity to include different themes in their final art piece.⁠

      The camp was held at ArtFarm Studios Monday, June 28th - Thursday, July 1st with Friday, July 2nd being the installation day on-site for the 4th of July parade in the Downtown Annapolis area! Parents, friends, and family were all invited to the outdoor unveiling of the installation.⁠


      Thank you to Ms. Monet (Classroom Manager), Alison Harbaugh (Co-owner) and Darin Michelle (co-owner), Jovenes Artistas, Charles Lawrence, and Maryland Hall. And the biggest of thank yous to Nikki Brooks, she is an amazing teacher and friend. 


Please visit ArtFarm Studios for more art camps and classes.⁠ Also, check out Nikki Brooks.

Design: Nikki Brooks, The Artist Oliver James, ArtFarm Students

Photography/Videography: Oliver James Studio

Photography: Ms. Monet, Alison Harbaugh


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