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Taxi Drivers Mural

26h of July 2021


             Thank you to Jeff 'Jahru' Huntington and Julia Gibb for having me out to be a teaching artist on this mural project. The Annapolis Taxi Drivers Mural Project pays homage to the history of African American taxi drivers in Annapolis. Painted on the rear exterior of the Annapolis Department of Transportation building.


             The mural depicts 18 portraits and features 68 (and counting) names of current and past local taxi drivers. Many, if not most, worked for the United States Naval Academy as a primary occupation, as true front-line workers, and drove cabs for secondary employment. This mural is by no means intended to be a survey or definitive list of all Annapolis taxi drivers, but a tribute and an artistic expression composed from the available source material and limited space.


            I have always loved working with Future History Now. FHN is a wonderful non-profit organization that brings together teaching and youth artists to provide a safe space to nurture creative thinking and self-expression for the youth of the greater Annapolis area. 

            Thank you to the other teaching artist on the project: Jay Coleman, Stephanie Baker, Luther Wright, Gayle Kassal, Nikki Brooks, Julia Gibb, and Jeff Huntington. FHN young artists: Jabriel Simms, Shamierah Chase, and Mahi Rimjhim; Jóvenes Artistas young artists: Samantha Padilla and Kennedy Trusty; volunteers: Mary Rosoff, Kathleen Hayes, Dianne ShentonMade possible by the generous contributions of: Art in Public Places Commission, the City of Annapolis, Mayor Gavin Buckley, Alderwoman Rhonda Pindell Charles, Visit Annapolis, the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County, Severn Bank, Hyatt & Weber, P.A., Arason & Associates, LLC, ShoreGate Partners, Adetola Ajayi, Annapolis Carpeting & Flooring America, Luna Blu, Pit Boys.


Please visit Future History Now to donate and learn about other youth projects.


Mural design: Jeff 'Jahru' Huntington

Photography/Videography: Oliver James 

Drone footage: Jack Turner

Additional photos: Rob McKinzie, Julia Gibb, Jahru



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