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Deliver for Voting Rights

17th of January 2022


     Thank you to the NDN Collective for asking me to help get these banners made for the DC Peace Walk this year. The theme of the DC Peace Walk this year was "No Celebration without Legislation." This January 17th Martin Luther King III and Arndrea Waters King led over 180 organizations, including the NDN Collective, to call for the Senate to legislate, not celebrate, in honor of MLK Day. Thousands of Americans in Phoenix and D.C. turned out and millions more raised their voices to call on President Biden & the Senate to eliminate the filibuster and pass the voting rights legislation our democracy needs. 

    Unfortunately, the Senate and President Biden didn't eliminate the filibuster or pass voting rights legislation. Until our freedom to vote is secured, we won’t see progress on the issues that matter most to us — abortion access, gun violence prevention, economic equality, racial justice, climate change. We will continue to make our voices heard.

     The NDN Collective is an action network built on principles of community organizing, building political power, and advancing the rights of Indigenous people and the environment through advocacy, policy, direct action, and organizing. And it was an honor to work with them on this project.


     Thank you to everyone on the team who made getting these banners painted on time possible: Cy Wagnor, Korina Barry, Lycia Maddox, Linnea Kingbird-Martini, Nikki Brooks, Karmyn Pittman, Kennedy Trusty, Sydney Buffalow, Jay Coleman, Shiloh Coleman. 


Please visit and the to learn more.

Design: Cy Wagnor

Photography/Videography: Jay F. Coleman, Oliver James Studios




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