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Creating Communities Murals

17th of December 2022


         Rob Levit commissioned me to paint five installation mural pieces for his non-profit organization Creating Communities. Mural 1: "Rhonda and Antown," in memory of Rhonda Shackleford-Ulmer and Antown Queen. Two loved members of the Creating Communities family passed in recent years. They are greatly missed. Mural 2: "Obra de Arte" pays homage to the Hispanic communities of Annapolis, MD, and their contributions to the arts. Mural 3: "Harnessing the Power of the Arts," is from a picture taken of a group of Creating Communities students in their photography program. Mural 4: "Danza, Danza, Danza," is from a picture of a student in the dance program. Mural 5: "Creating Communities," are two pictures of students in the visual arts program. All murals will be on display and the Pip Moyer Rec Center. 

         Creating Communities was established in 2007 when award-winning jazz musician and creative artist Rob Levit recognized the need for innovative arts programs for underserved children and adults in Anne Arundel County. Their mission was to use the power of music, art, movement, and photography to reach learners who need more than traditional modalities of learning and expression. Creating Communities has shut its doors and merged with Maryland Hall as Rob Levit, Owner, and CEO of the Annapolis-based non-profit retires.

        Thank you to Rob Levit and the Creating Communities Family, and thank you to Kennedy Trusty for the assistance on "Harnessing the Power of the Arts."

        These (3) 4'x8' mural installation pieces will be at the Pip Moyer Rec Center in Annapolis, MD.  

Original design: The Artist Oliver James

Videography: Oliver James Studios


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